The clothes, which are made of organic materials, are conceived as cover for an imagined body, a further layer of skin At the same time however, they exist independently as three dimensional forms. They are in communication with the space around them, which appears to breathe through their surface.

The process of working on them is one of thoughtful contemplation, from the sediment of organic nature gradually a form takes shape. As Goethe has said " There is a kind of gentle empiricism, which makes iteself deeply familiar with its object and so becomes the actual theory."

Furthermore, an inner space opens up within the objects and installations in which the senses come to rest and an exchange between the material, the colours and the shapes begins. They invite you to play. Some of the objects are so fragile that touching them would be unthinkable. They become a symbol of that which is ungraspable - thought impulses in material form before they take conceptual shape.